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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Get access to exclusive content from The Sacred Now.

Jay Jackson stands onstage, taking a selfie with the audience in Nashville, TN

Carry the conversation even further when you become a patron! It's easy to support; simply visit and click on the Support button. You can donate any amount — as little as a dollar a month — and get access to exclusive, patrons-only content.

What Does My Support Get Me?

  • Access to live digital events, including Q&A with panelists/participants

  • Inclusion in our Patrons-Only Discord Server where we talk about themes discussed in various episodes

  • Links to video content and extended, uncut interviews

  • First-listen to special episodes, debates, behind-the-scenes content, and more

What Does My Support Do For the Show?

  • Enable us to expand our reach so that more people can join the conversation

  • Provide episode transcripts

  • Allow us to produce live events, digital opportunities, merchandise, and more

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