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Podcast Pals

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

"The Sacred Now" has guests from all over the country — some of whom have their own podcasts. Take a second and check out some of the awesome content being produced by some of your favorite guest stars.

What's a podcast between pals? Not only does "The Sacred Now" have quite a few guests, but host Jay Jackson has been a guest on some other casts as well. Here are some of our favorites.

Inciteful Alien — LaToya Cherice

A podcast on musings, meditations, and trying to make sense of the world we live in, hosted by LaToya Cherice. After a career in broadcasting and media, and running her own business, LaToya gives all that up and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and realization. Follow along as LaToya makes you laugh, makes you cry, and even sometimes makes you angry — but most importantly, she makes you think. Follow on Twitter and Instagram. (Check out Jay's episode HERE.)

Described as “dangerously perceptive”, Radical Indian Stand Up Comedian Krish Mohan uses intelligent humor and sharp wit to take on issues like immigration, war, religion, race and various other hot button issues! Using historic anecdotes and storytelling Krish captivates audiences, while adding an optimistic, philosophical & sociological twist to tackle topics that you won’t see or hear covered on mainstream networks. Follow Krish on Facebook. (Check out Jay's episode HERE.)

This podcast is all about getting to know the lives of amazing queer performers. Each episode, comedian Amanda G. interviews a different fabulous queer artist. The show features artists, entertainers, musicians, comedians, poets, and more as we swap stories, learn from each others' experiences, and celebrate queerness. Follow the show on Twitter and Facebook. (Check out Jay's episode HERE.)

Memphis Famous — Catherine Sundt

Catherine Sundt is a professor by day, a comedian by night, and a Memphian by choice, and she wants to talk to the people who make this city so special. They get recognized, they go viral, they make waves, and Catherine wants to know more about them. Who are they? What are their stories? How did they get to be Memphis Famous? Listen, subscribe, rate, and check out the Instagram at @memphisfamouspodcast. (Check out Jay's episode HERE.)

Host Cody Bear and his guests cover the world's hard topics and answer the tough questions... like, what's Florida man doing today? This is a show that likes to have fun and kick ass, so join Cody as he does exactly that. (Check out Jay's episode HERE.)

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